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Our qualified specialists provide an appealing business logo design Manchester that can be used on all your marketing materials including emails, business cards, and landing pages. Our clients are always satisfied with the quality of the logo design services provided, as we adapt to their needs. So, check out our portfolio to see it for yourself.

Experience England
Experience England

Experience England

With extensive knowledge of the UK and its culture, Experience England will take you to secret places and splendid events during their tours.



As a blockchain company, Umbrella provides a decentralised oracle service that caters to low cost and scalable solutions for smart contracts.



RCAD creates incomparable customer experiences by converting 2D CAD graphics into dynamic and VR-capable models of the infrastructure design.

Experience England
Infinite Games

Infinite Games

Infinite Games is an outstanding full-service blockchain game publisher that helps game developers design, build, and launch high-quality projects.

What should a Logo Design be?


Follow the principle of simplicity and try not to overfill the design with odd visual elements or inappropriate colours. Your logo design should be comprehensible and clear, so that the public could easily recognise your company.


To stick in the minds of your customers, it is vital to make your logo memorable and impressive. So, choose unique forms, appropriate colours, and customised graphics.


As the logo is your business face, it should represent your company and match your website design and the company’s colours. It also should coincide with the industry you work in to evoke proper associations with your business.


It is essential for the logo design to be versatile, so that you can use it effectively on various printing materials, billboards, applications, and websites. So, make the overall composition scalable and good-looking in different sizes.


An excellent logo design always passes the tests of time. It would be a mistake to adhere to temporal trends as they come and go. It is your business identity that should differentiate your company, so rely on it.

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Annette A. Anthony Non-Executive Director Columbia Law School

“Communicating clearly from the start, Ester Digital’s expert team inspired confidence throughout the project. Their can-do attitude made them a valuable partner. Responsiveness and the ability to turn constructive feedback into high-quality, on-time deliverables were hallmarks of their work.”

Why us

To create the company’s visual identity isn’t easy if you don’t have necessary skills. That’s why it is reasonable to choose a logo design agency that will meet all your needs. We provide exemplary logo design Manchester and are ready to help build your brand in the most effective way.

With 7+ years of work in the design industry, we gathered an experienced team of result-driven specialists and enhanced our services and performance. We manage each project with diligence and responsibility for the provided outcome. Partnering with us, you will receive an efficient, appealing, and functional product that will serve your business goals.

Logo design process

Goal-setting & Research

Before creating the logo design Manchester, our team plunge into your business specifics and needs. So, it is vital to analyse the client’s requirements and assess their relevance to the company. This helps us build a proper strategy to achieve the desired results.

Design & Development

When we’ve charted the course of action, it’s time to implement our best practices and relevant knowledge. Here, our creative designers generate several concepts of your business logo and present them digitally.


To make sure that the developed logo design is perfect, it is vital to receive approval from the client. Then our experts eliminate all inconsistencies, polish the style, and change some visual elements to make the logo meet client expectations.


After the client has accepted the logo design, we provide them with all the necessary files that contain both print and digital logo versions.

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